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Birth Date12/25/59
AddressASPC Douglas - South Gila - Bldg 12-21
P O Box 5003
Douglas, AZ 85608
Nation/TribeLakota/Mnikhowoju (Mniconju)
CommentsI would like a female pen pal,  18-80 years of age,  tall or short,  skinny or big!  Small breasted women only.  Any inter-tribal women or wicca.  I was born in Mobridge, SD.  I am 6'  4"  tall,  200 lbs.,  lite complected.  I'm harmless.
InterestsI read medicine cards,  believe in the pte-sa-win.  Intend to open my own small business.  I am interested in women with gifts from Wakan Tanka.  My goals are to find a spiritual and physical soulmate.  If you can contact spirit,  contact me.  Thank you.
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