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Jamie Mowell photo
Birth Date12/3/79
AddressTecumseh State Correctional Institution
P O Box 900
Tecumseh, NE 68450-0900
Nation/TribeWinnebago Tribe of NE
CommentsI'm a strong minded person that enjoys letter writing.  I'm learning the traditional ways of the Native people.  I'm city raised.  6'  tall,  180 lbs,  black hair and brown eyes.  I'm in search of a special person to share my thoughts with.  Also I'm looking for someone that can speak their mind and share their thoughts.  I'm from the midwest,  that's NE,  IA,  and IL.  I want to learn from the pen pal that chooses to respond.  I want to meet someone real and above all the games.  One last thing ... I crave a good strong conversation,  not to be full of myself,  but I can promise that my conversation will captivate and stimulate the mind.  I'm hoping and waiting for that special letter.
InterestsI enjoy writing romantic poetry and real life poetry.  reading non fiction;  I'm into anything that teaches me more about my people.  I'm addicted to music - got to have beats.  My music of choice is rap and slow jams,  but any music lightens my dark days.
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