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  Aaronray Miguel photo
Birth Date08/24/76
AddressUSP Atlanta
P O Box 150160
Atlanta, GA 30315
Nation/TribeSalt River Reservation (AZ) Pima Indian/African American
CommentsI'm a very open minded person that can vibe to a lot. I take a person for whom they are w/in themselves. So I don't judge by cover. Looks and age does not make a difference to me [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be 18 years or older] ... I'm must looking for that woman, who only wishes to ride the winds in correspondnece. As the world around us comes in so many twists - let (1) take a chance. If you're this woman, then dip your hands into this kookie jar ... Better pics will come w/ correspondence. You won't be disappointed.
InterestsI'm an individual person, whom wishes to correspond with the outside world. Coming in many paths, that carrys the mental and spiritual stand in each (1) of us as peple... I work 5x a week on keeping the body toned and healthy. I enjoy what ever sports that comes about. All about the challenge. I'm a very cool person to get along with and can only reach what steps "you" may lay w/ correspondence. Keeping it strong, real and very unique ... I'm a trustful Native breed, as I do stand strong, real and very unique.
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