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Leonard McQuay/Bro Khalfani Malik Khaldun photo
NameLeonard McQuay - Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun
Birth Date11/30/69
AddressWabash Valley Correctional Facility
P OB ox 1111
Carlisle, IN 47838
Nation/TribeApache/New Afrikan Tribe
CommentsI am really in need of female companionship and of someone who will help me fight to be released from prison.

Who Khalfani Malik Khaldun is! I was born in Gary, IN to beautiful parents, who also gave birth to 5 daughters and 3 sons including myself. My father was the son of John "Big Horse" McQuay who was Apache Indian. So my blood line is Apache and New Afrikan. Due to so much discrimination against First Nation people today, we as a family assimilate into the social order of Ameriken life. We were basically a poor family that made it day by day.

EArly on in my life I became strongly connected to street gangs and this lead me into the streets. My activities also lead to my incarceration, where I have been in prison for 17 1/2 years. My prison term was only 25 years and do only 12 1/2 years. While serving time here in Indiana, a prison guard was killed in 1994 in the month of December. The Indiana Department of Corrections wasted no time to set me up as the perpetrator of this crime. Why? Because I was one of the most influential prisoners living in the area where the stabbing occurred. I was to be released from prison in 1996 no later than 1997 but once the prison authorities filed these trumped up charges against me, my release from prison was extended.

While struggling to expose these charges, in 1997, I experienced 3 deahts in my family, two of my brothers were murdered in the streets of Indiana. My mother (Sonora McQuay) took ill as a result of her sons being killed and was hospitalized, to discover cancer had come back and weas attacking her body. She had a grapefruit sized tumor in her stomach area. Once she was informed about the cancer and other things, she slipped into a coma and died. This was so damaging to me, I nearly slipped into a permanent state of depression. I fought off the stress and gradually bounced back. To push for my freedom and to expose the truth, my court battles lasted for about 8 years, in which time I was taken to trial. An all white jury found me, an innocent man, guilty and sentenced me to a 60 year prison term. Prior to the 2001 criminal jury trial on the murder charge. My orignal release date came back on JKuly 27, 2000. While being released on the above date, Indiana State Police removed me from the custody of the prison system, then placed me in the custody of the county jail, where the trial took place. Now I am in desperate need of legal reprresentation, and any forms of help that people on the outside can give to me.

I cry out to anyone who has the compassion to reach out to extend me a hand of family, friendship, and financial help. I don't want to die in prison. I really need the company and companionship of a warm hearted woman. If you're out there please don't forget about me. Feel free to write to me. I will answer all letters with a sincere reply. Thank you. (Standing alone fighting for freedom) Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun (Leonard McQuay) AZ-201 S.H.U. A/S
InterestsExercise, reading, writing, poetry, meeting new people, fishing, walks in the park, being romantic.
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