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  Ras Jahmikes Matta photo
Birth Date10/03/83
AddressMontana State Prison
700 Conley Lake Road
Deer Lodge, MT 59722
CommentsI would describe myself as a very humorous but intelligent individual. I like to smile and I like making people smile. My character is complex because I'm very open-minded and daring, so I'm not firmly set in stone. In other words, if you like an intriguing person, you may like me because I tend to intrigue myself! I am a 21 year old (05), tall, dark, and handsome Native American. What I'm looking for is an open-mind women who isn't afraid to smile and knows what it means to be human. I do not have a specific list of needs that someone has to fulfill. So feel free to write openly. I hope to hear from you soon.
InterestsI'm definitely interested in a lot of different things. I really enjoy drawing and studying art. I like writing poetry; reading philosophy and history; I'm an athletic person and I like to play basketball, football, and I like to box. But my biggest interest is in people. I'm a social person and I like to try, do, and experience new things with someone. To me there's no better high than living.
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