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Birth Date3/19/62
AddressNorth Central Correctional Institution (NCCI)
Marrow -B-07 P O Box 1812
Marion, OH 43302-1812
CommentsI am happily married and my wife lives in Kentucky.  I am (40) years old, born in Cleveland, OH.  My mother passed away last June 23rd and I still hurt over her loss to this day.  I guess I'll never get over it.  My father lives in West Virginia.  My native blood comes from his side of the family.  My great grand parents were full bloods and dad's mom was full blood so my dad said he's about 50% so that would make me about 25%.
InterestsThe outdoors,  and I love to read (when can find the time).  Bike riding, boxing (use to box), movies, almost any music.
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