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  Ray Marchand photo
Birth Date2/4/78
AddressMcNeil Island Corrections Center
dP O Box 881000
Steilacoom, WA 98388
Nation/TribeColville Confederated Tribes - Arrow Lakes
Comments28 years old (4/05), 5' 10", 175 lbs, spiritually, physically and metnally strong Arrow Lakes Colville Native from Omak, WA in search of female support and correspondence.

Loyalty and honesty is a must. I am a mature, solid man and do not have the time nor the patience to play games. I started my stretch in 2000, was sentenced to over 22 years, but through self study of the law, I've knocked over 10 years off of that so far. I am still working on my case with my attorneys, and am looking at being released within the next year!

I am a proud father of a beautiful 7, soon to be 8 year old little girl who is my pride and joy, as well as my inspiration. Although I have spent a lot of years in the street life, I have the respect and morals of our people; yes, 132% Rez'd out!! For those who choose to write me, all I ask is that you be real and I'll do the same.
InterestsIn here my time is spent in study, drawing and tattooing, beading, working out and planning the future for me and my baby. Upon release, I plan on enrolling into college to prepare me for following my goal of opening my own business in tattooing, auto paint, and airbrushing, etc. I plan on living around the Spokane area to be near my daughter. I am a car fanatic, I like almost anything that has to do with cars. For music, I mostly listen to rap, not the new hip hop type, but the real stret scene. Most of the music I like is 90's; 2Pac, Scarface, DMX, Biggie, etc.
Release DateUndetermined (max is 2013)

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