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Shawn Mandel photo
Birth Date9/30/82
AddressOshkosh Correctional Institution
P O Box 3310
Oshkosh, WI 54903
CommentsI'm 21 years old, adopted by a non-Native family. I have been studying about my native culture since I was 12 years old. I'm hoping I can find an all around female that likes to correspond with a well educated, thoughtful, honest, Native brother. I respect all people and everything, and I don't judge others because they have a disorder or whatever it may be. I'm also very warm hearted.
InterestsI like taking long hikes, camping, going to movies, going to sundances and pow wows, and Native fest. I like to do beadwork and make dream catchers; read about the history of our people. I am also gtaking a college course in small business. I want to own my own construction business. And I like to help disabled children and normal children. I am very patient. I lift weights and am a non smoker.
Release Date3/24/07S

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