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  Robert Sinti Maahs photo
NumberD 38765
Birth Date
AddressCentinela State Prison FC-1-134-L
P O Box 921
Imperial, CA 92251-0921
CommentsHi, my name is Sinti. I am 47 years old (2005) and a native brother of the Choctaw nation. I have been behind the wals of CA prisons for 23 eyars now. I have hopes to one day see the world beyond these walls within the next few years if the Creator grants me such a gift.

Long ago I made choices that put my feet on this journey in the ironhosue, but I am far from that person of so long ago. Yes, at times we make bad choices during life's journey and the penalty can be harsh for those choices. As the world changes, so does the sleeping warrior. The old comes to pass as the new grows. We learn from our choices.

I am very sports active. I do not drink nor use drugs. I spend a lot of my time with my academics and free time is spent on my music and writings. But the road has been long and lonely at times.

As a musician and writer, I do my best to educate my lost brothers that find themselves in this place about their culture and spirituality. That choice is a gift, not a curse.

I would be grateful to meet others that are beyond these walls in hopes of making connections to the world I would some day rejoin. This environment eats away at the spirit without connections beyond these walls.

Maybe we can share smiles and laughter with one another and you can beam a ray of sunshine into this dark and lonely place. I thank you for taking the time to respond to this posting. Friends are beautiful to have. We are all related to the same red rock. /TD>
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