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Lynn Curtis photo
Birth Date
AddressBoyer Road/Carson City
P O Box 5000
Carson City, MI 48811-5000
CommentsGreetings, I am a 48 year old hippie! I was born in the north of the USA and raised in the south, where my heart is. I am 5' 8" and keep a full beard and moustache. My family is mixed blood, coming from Europe to America and marrying into the Cherokee. So I always have been raised aware that I was raised with the best of both worlds. My ancestors made love, not war! I like people, I like culture. I've never been married or had any children although I've always wanted a family of my own. I love kids. It's just never happened for me yet.

I've always been pretty handy with tools and machinery. I did hardwood sawmill work when I was outside. In prison here, I build a lot of jewelry boxes and wishing wells, using toothpicks and popsycle sticks, colour paper, glitter, shells ... and any other material. Plus I make a lot of dreamcatchers and beaded necklaces also.

I love science fiction. My favorite music is a blend of rock-n-roll and bluegrass I once heard in Indiana. Although I love all kinds of diverse music, including classical, country western, and alternate. I listen to public radio a lot and even some AM talk shows. I get kinda lonely in here, especially not having someone to share thoughts and ideas with. Likes and dislikes. So I would really love to hear from someone who wants to correspond with me. OUr heart will direct the rest. Ani!
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