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Donnie Lunsford photo
Birth Date1/11/67
AddressEllis D-12-71
Huntsville, TX 77343
CommentsI am 35 years old,  6' 1" tall, weigh 235 lbs,  and have brown hair and hazel eyes. I am new to the ways of the Native American and would like to hear from anyone and everyone who could help me along this path to get in touch with my inner self and/or the ways of my ancestors.  I have recently gotten to be a part of the Circle here on this unit and can feel a closeness that wasn't a part of my life before.  I wish to hear from you and hopefuly be able to learn much more from our contact.

So that you will know a little more about me ... I was raised in small towns all over Texas

I get into all kinds of music and find myself constantly changing the dial to hear something new.  I really appreciate the sounds that come to us from across the globe because it isn't so commercialized as a lot of the every day stuff is over here.  I would like to read fresh lyrics if anyone would like to share.

I have been very fortunate during my incarceration to be able to learn about drafting.  I have been doing detail cabinet blueprints for the last (4) years and I hope to get into the same type of work when I get out.

I would like to hear from you and I will answer all letters.
InterestsI have a wide variety of interests and would to hear about yours as well. I really like the outdoors and hope to do the extreme things one day that I have only dreamed of so far ... like jumping from a plane, bungee jumping, and snow boarding. I enjoy of all genres and I do draw in my free time from cartoon images to detailed blueprints of things of interest. I really would like to have an opportunity to do detail drafting upon my release.

My reading habits are usually in the realm of fantasy or anything with dragons, trolls, elves, etc. I like the teachings that have come my way through the brothers of our Circle because they help me to understand more about my heritage and culture.
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