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Richard Lonedog III photo
Birth Date
AddressUSP Florence
P O Box 7000
Florence, CO 81226
CommentsMy name is Richard Donald Lone Dog III. I am 6' 4", 270 lbs, long black hair, brown eyes, a native of Arapaho/Lakota descent, my father being from Mission, SD, my mother from Wind River rez up in WY. I'm incarcerated here at USP High Security Florence, CO (USPHSF).

I am very much into my Native American spirituality, a Sun Dancer in the Arapaho Sun Dance, a regular in the Sweat Lodge ceremony, where I find it a necessity to stay sane in this iron house.

I am currently working on a non-profit organization to help further the fight against Native on Native crime(s), working to implement viable programs here in prison to help us understand and confront the problems that face us in hopes of reaching the real life force spirit that dwells within each and every one of us, to re-instill traditional Native American values to off set this western mind set in which enables us to aspire to such atrocities.

I am looking for a core group of individuals to help make this a reality because if left unchecked we will only go back into society to recidivate.

The prison system does nothing to combat or rehabilitate. We are only warehoused until such a time of release, thus adversely affecting society as a whole.

I like to joke, hear jokes. If you have any good Indian jokes please feel free to send me some, here's one:
Q: What's a Sioux guy out walking his dog called?
A: A vegetarian!

Am not able to travel because of exsisting circumstances, but will answer all/all who care to write.
InterestsI'm into music, I play guitar, bass, drums, and sing. I like all music types. I play the native flute and sing Indian songs from the 49's to the sacred songs (pow wows, peyote, Sun Dance, Sweat Lodge). I write music, poetry, and even rap lyrics.

I paint with acrylics, am into Native legends, myths, Creation stories, ufo's, bigfoot, etc. A regular "Coast to Coast" listener.

I'm looking for like minded people who are also interested in helping the Brothers and Sisters incarcerated, the youth on the reservations and urban America, and those who have been abused come to grips with their problems through Native American spirituality, and to help break their cycle of recidivism...
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