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Birth Date12/3/80
P O Box 916
Shelby, MT 59474
Nation/TribeOglala Sioux & Northern Cheyenne
CommentsI am enrolled at the Northern Cheyenne tribe; grew up on both Sioux and Cheyenne reservations, Poplar, MT and Lame Deer, MT. I learned how to ride and hunt at a young age. I'm a traditional peson, part of the Kit Fox Society; a descendant of one of the suicide warriors in Custers last battle. I attend sweat lodges and have fasted in Bear Butte. I have alsways been fascinated by my traditional ceremonies; have been to peyote meeting, seen but never practiced in a Sundance. Most of what I learned about my Cheyenne background came from my painters, my grandfather, fasten, and sweat lodges. I grew up playing sports, played a lot of sports, ie football, basketball in high school, wrestling & boxing in grade school, but what I do now, in prison, is work out 5 days a week, hit the heavie bag 4 times and do pad and footwork to sharpen up on my boxing skills. Also hitch horsehair, making rifle slings, hat bands, belts, bridles, breast collars, clutch purses, reins. I would like to travel to pow wows, go to otehr tribe sweats; like to go to rodeos.

When I get out 5/5/06, I want to get ready to follow the road to Bear Bute. I have to finish fasting is one of my goals. One of my horses, my favorite horse, a stud, got struck by lightning. When a Cheyenne's horse gets struck by lightning, they say the owenr has to go through a piercing ceremony, something I'll have to do. I do plan to go to college for Natural Resources. I have 185 acres of land on my rez. One of my goals is to get a college degree in Natural Resources and fence my land off and raise horses and cows. I like to listen to Hank Williams Jr, Bob Seger, Creedence Clearwater. Some hip hop, all green, pow wow songs. I'm in prison for assault on an officer. I was drunk, the state gave me 2 years DOC with 3 suspended. After 5/5/06 I'll be on probation for 3 years. I'm single, jobs I've had include fire fighter, tree planter, some fencing, carpentry. I don't havne much but a beat up chevy cavalier that my ex girl friend beat up, and one horse. I'm 5' 8" and a half w/ my shoes off. 187 lbs. My basketball team is Miami Heat. Football team Raiders. Baseball team NY Yankees. I like action movies and Mexican food. Favorite movie is Hidalgo. Race don't matter.
Release Date5/5/06

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