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Sheldon Little Eagle photo
Birth Date9/27/79
AddressMike Durfee State Prison
1412 Wood St
Springfield, SD 57062-2238
Nation/TribeStanding Rock Sioux Tribe
CommentsIf you are not into politics then just drop me a line and we can shoot the breeze and anything else.
InterestsI like to try and help my people get what they need inside the prison system and also I am Co-Spokesman of Lakota Council of Tribes (L.C.T.). Right now I am interested in someone willing to help us with the problems here we have in the prison system. I am looking for treatment centers that can help the peole when they get cut loose from here. I know the help is out there and i would like to get it on file so I can notify the brothers in here on who to contact and where to go if they are in need of help.
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