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NumberE 202 L
Birth Date
AddressCalifornia Mens Colony State Prison - 6193-X
P O Box 8101
San Luis Obispo, CA 93409-8101
Nation/TribeOglala Sioux
CommentsI am Oglala Sioux, incarcerated in CA. I'm seeking a native girl, 25-45. I am 6' tall, 225 lbs, dark skin color, long wavey hair - to my waist. I love just talking and getting to learn about different people. I've lived here in CA for all my life, but have family in Porcipine. If you would like to send me a letter (if you like, a photo) I've told a lot of guys how beautiful Sioux woman are. Just shoot me a letter, let's be pals.
InterestsNOTE FROM NAPN: Benny is seeking info/assistance w/ the CDC policy concerning native prisoners & long hair; newspapers, and the address of the Lakota Tribal Commission (Enrollment)Dept. If you can help with these requests/issues please contact him.
Release Date

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