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Number157086 (22-77)
Birth Date11/02/80
AddressASPC Douglas - Gila - Nort
P O Box 5003
Douglas, AZ 85608-5003
Nation/TribeDine / Lakota
CommentsI'm 24 years old, 5' 6" tall, 190 lbs. I was mainly raised at Tuba City, AZ on the Navajo rez. I now live at Mesa, AZ for about 9 years. I graduated from high school at Flagstaff, AZ and lived there for a few years also. I come from a good family but always seem to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
InterestsI'm into all kinds of things and want to get back into education; enjoy exercising, reading and doing art work. I enjoy writing a lot of letters and I hope to receive a pen pal in the late 20's and weigh the same or less than me. Nothing personal, just someone to receive and send letters to. I would prefer females that are in good beauty inside and out. I hope that I don't ask for too much.
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