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AddressWynne Unit
Huntsville, TX 77349
CommentsI know that some of the blood of the Cherokee runs through my body. I am looking for a female Indian who wants to teach me about her culture and life style. I'm not a demanding person but I am requesting help.I have my Bachelors of Science in Sociology and minor in Business, and sometimes have this vision of teaching on the Indian Reservation. I am starting to work on my Masters in Christian Counseling and from there onto my PhD in Sociiology and Metallurgy Science. These are the gols that God has put into my heart, a God that knows I am broken on the inside, and who knows that I have other problems with the me. I and self desires. Well anyway I am looking, that's all I can say, for an Indian friend, female to communicate with about the love of God and I want her to know she does not have to be perfect because I myself am far from perfect also. I have been through a lot in my life, divorce, alcoholism, drugs, but when I was a kid, now I am a person look for friendship and a friendship that wants to build a foundation on God and his grace and forgiveness and someone who wants to turn loose of hate and replace it with love through forgiveness. I want to teach but I also want to learn. I want respect, but I want to learn to give more than I get. I want what God wants in my life. I want your friendship with this broken heart and mind, but God is working on me to give me a understanding that He is in control of my life and He is the one who can and will fix that brokenness in all our lives. Please do not let many moons pass before you answer my letter.
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