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Vernon Kittles photo
Birth Date
AddressUSP Atwater
P O Box 019001
Atwater, CA 95301
CommentsIt's been a long time coming but my time is shortly arriving. I've been through the ups and downs with the young females. I'm truly in search of a mature woman. One who's atleast my age or mature. More specific, a fine vintage wine in between thirty five and fourty nine. I have a whole lot to speak on but I'm too shy to do it over the phone. I really would like to start a correspondence with someone who's shy also and wants to write long letters to break the ice. If you feel that I'm not native enough for you or if you are on some racist time, then please don't waste your time or mine because I'm getting out of here shortly and I'm trying to find my spiritual guide. Spirit is everything and it knows no color barrier line. We're all spiritual beings who are having a human experience. Now if you want to experience what your life and my life has been about distanced from one another, and what our lives can be like together if we come together as one, then stop wasting time and write me one. Just that first letter to see if we can stay together forever. Sincerely "soul Jah Spinner"
Release Date3/29/04

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