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Antonio B Juan photo
Birth Date1/8/68
AddressA S P C Yuma - Cheyenne Unit
P O Box 13006
Yuma, Arizona  85366
Nation/TribePima/Maricopa Tribe, Gila River Indian Reservation, Sacaton, AZ
CommentsAll my prayers and respect go out to all the Native American tribes.  May Grandfather bless us all with courage and strength to face up to each new day that comes our way.  Keep strong always all my Native American Brothers and Sisters.  A-Ho.

I am doing a 3  1/2 year stretch.  In February 2002 it will be a year that I've been down. Upon release I plan to get my life back in order as well as return to Tucson,  Arizona where my family members are living.  Once I'm out I plan to return to my job as construction worker and make a living.

My tribes are Pima and Maricopa,  which are both located on the Gila River Indian Reservation in Sacaton,  Arizona,  50 miles south east of Phoenix.  Sacaton is a very small town that has modern housing projects,  as well as traditional adobe houses.  As for myself,  I'm still learning my own traditional ways, conserving my tribes traditions. The Pima and Maricopa tribes are considered farmers since the late 1800's up to this day.  My reservation is filled with cotton fields and citrus groves.  The Maze pattern is called The Man in the Maze, in other words its our symbol that represents the Pima path through life.  My tribal music is very similiar to the Mexican American music,  even though my tribal music has no lyrics,  the sound of the music is exact to the Mexican American.

I also like listening to classic rock and roll,  for instance,  I like the Beatles,  Foghat,  Bob Dylan,  CCR,  Santana,  The Doors,  etc.  As for oldies music,  The Temptations and Mary Wells,  etc.

I like reading books very much,  but most of all I like to read all Native American literature which allows me to learn more information about different tribes and their cultures.

My main interest is exercising and I do push ups,  absominal crunches,  pull ups,  and squats,  and I like running the track.  I exercise on a daily basis for it helps me not only to keep my self in shape,  but also helps me to relieve the stress that comes my way from time to time.

Last,  but not least,  I like being honest and I feel that by being straight out to someone from the heart really matters a lot.
InterestsListening to music - classic rock n roll,  oldies,  my tribal music.  Exercising.  Reading books of any sort,  especially Native American literature.
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