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Birth Date12/23/76
AddressASPC Yuma - Dakota/West - 7C12
P O Box 13007
Yuma, AZ 85366-3007
CommentsMy name is Ricky Josytewa,  I am from the tribes of Hopi/Zuni.  I am 25 years old,  5'  8"  and 176 lbs.  My Clan is Snow Clan and I'm from a village called Shungopovi,  2nd Mesa,  AZ.
InterestsI love to draw,  my desire is to follow my uncles "to become a jewelry smith."  I like to play basketball,  love to work out,  enjoy listening to music.  My favorite artists are Keith Sweat,  Bob Marley,  Whitney Houston,  and alot of Ol'  School Luv Jam's.  I'm a big raggae fan.  My dream,  someday,  is to travel to Jamaica and to sing to all raggae fans about Native history.  I'm writing some songs,  I have one entitled "Takin the Land from the Man and Takin the Man From His Land."  I'm very interested in learning about different tribes,  being from Arizona,  there's  21  different tribes here.  My father's from the Zuni,  Pueblo tribe of New Mexico.  After 25 years I finally got a hold ofhim.  It was really "weird" for me to get a letter after wondering all these years.  Trippy.  Hopefully someone out there reads my pen pal page.  Please know that I'm a good hearted native kind of guy.  Just made some wrong decisions,  but have learned from my mistake.

2004. To all women of this world:   You ladies are all very special.  Creators to life.  Know that little itty bitty me,  Ricky Puno Josytewa,  is sending each and everyone good blessings and prayers for safety and happiness to all walks of life.
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