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Neil C Jordan photo
Birth Date2/2/52
AddressRoute 3 Box 22-100
Newton, TX 75966
CommentsThis is an update from my previous profile.  Before I begin,  I have to acknowledge the Great Spirit for giving me life,  Mother Earth for the lessons in nature,  and to my teachers and friends who encourage and give me inspiration.

One of my teachers latest lesson is to learn how to flow smoothly and harmoniously with changes.  The outer dramas and situations of this world are always changing.  When unexpected changes come into our lives (as my recent relocation has) it's our duty to meet them as positively and harmoniously as possible.

I'm now 51 years old,  born on February 2nd.  My Grandfather is Mohawk/Ottawa,  my father is Navaho who was a code talker in WWII.  My late mother is Pima.  I grew up on my mother's side of the family on the Gila River reservation in Arizona.

During the course of my incarceration I've been involved in specific programming taht I feel will help my release plans.  I've been diligently reading/studying every book and publication I could get my hands on concerning self-improvement,  and feel this research has helped me tremendously.  In addition,  I have completed several college courses and vocational training in the construction trade.  My goal upon release is to combine everything I learned into one small business arts and craft shop.  If you have any ideas or interests you would like to exchange with me ...

All my relations,  Neil C. Jordan
InterestsMy hobbies throughout my life are jewelry making,  lapidary;  collecting and shaping different stones,  making dreamcatchers,  beading,  and drawing is what I presently do.  I like to read about my heritage through history books.  I believe everyone should take pride in their culture,  but we should also take time to learn about other cultures in order to give us an understanding and respect of other people.
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