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XXXXX photo Gregory,  "Stoneheart,"  is another inmate who,  while is not Native American,  is a member of the Circle and follows the ways,  therefore is included on the site.
Birth Date2/6/61
AddressEllis 1 Unit
Route 6
Huntsville, TX 77343
Nation/TribeLakota (Adopted) (Gregory is African American)
CommentsHi,  my name is Gregory Johnson,  aka "Stoneheart."  I am currently incarcerated in the Texas Dept of Criminal Justice.  I am an African American male,  41 years young,  6'  1  1/2"  tall,  235 lbs,  brown hair/eyes,  drug/disease free,  very athletic and physically fit.  I love jazz,  rhythm & blues.  When free,  I am an excellent cook,  but more so personal friend.  I have adopted the traditional values of Native America,  and living by the red road and its rich values.  I seek to gain a better understanding of traditional Native America.  Would like to meet a wide array of Native American people,  male and female,  of adult ages,  to correspond on an unlimited amount of subjects,  to include Native/Black issues (including similarities/differences b/t Black/Native America,  esp those times when Black/Native America fought together for the same causes),  and to build a network of Native American friends.  I have (2) more years to travel this incarcerated path and I plan to resettle in South Dakota.  I am a licensed "Legal Assistant" with good communicative skills.
InterestsMy prison hobbies (some continued from the free world) include staying healthy, body building, all sports, and communicating with people of other ethnic backgrounds to build a better communication between races and cultures. Building a Medicine Wheel, Lakota tribal traditions and customs, developing a lasting friendship between Native/Black American; sports, writing, history, traveling (when possible) and one day developing a lasting relationship with a wonderful Native woman the Creator will provide.
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