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Adrian Jenkins photo
Birth Date8/6/76
AddressASPC Tucson - Rincon
P O Box 24403
Tucson, AZ 85734
CommentsHello,  my name is Grey Fox.  I am 5'  8"  tall,  160 lbs,  brown eyes,  with short brown hair.  I am looking for a woman who is secure with herself and is proud of her heritage and who she is.  I'm a caring man,  looking for a shapely,  compassionate,  loving,  sincere woman with a sense of humor to be my special Native sister and share my destiny.  I am Native American and Mexican.  Am in shape,  handsome,  romantic,  sincere,  and faithful. Most of all,  I am secure with who I am,  am down to earth,  and I enjoy kids.

I hope to be released from this cage in the near future so I can be free to appreciate Mother Earth and the other things I selfishly took for granted.  I ask you to please overlook my current state of living and don't let it stop us from getting to know each other or building a meaningful relationship.  You may ask me anything.  I am open to age and race.  [NOTE: NAPN requires all visitors to the site to be 18 years of age or over.]

There are three basic stages in life:
You are either headed into a storm,
You are in a storm,
Or you just got out of a storm.
Please write soon and send pictures.  I hope this letter reaches you in the best of health.
Truly your Native Brother,
Grey Fox
InterestsI enjoy being outdoors,  hiking,  exercising,  sweatlodge,  sleeping under the stars,  and overall,  every aspect of nature.  Most of all,  I am secure with who I am,  am down to earth,  and I enjoy kids.
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