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Sherwin James photo
Birth Date7/28/80
AddressASPC Yuma - Cheyenne Unit
P O Box 13006
Yuma, AZ 85366
CommentsHello,  my name is Sherwin James.  I'm a Navajo from Shiprock,  NM. I'm about 6'  tall,  black hair with brown eyes,  weigh about 175 lbs,  with a very bright beautiful smile to go with this nice red skin of mine.  My hobbies are drawing,  reading poetry,  working out,  playing sports and meeting new people.  I havea good heart and a strong mind.  My favorite tv show is The Simpsons.  I like to listen to pow wow songs and some hip-hop.  I'm an honest,  down to earth,  fun type of guy.
InterestsI am looking for a female to correspond with,  who has a good heart,  and someone that would like to share a few words and laughs with to pass the time.  This would be a very nice feeling to me,  to meet such a person as yourself because I could use a pen pal in a place like this... plus I would like to put a beautiful smile on your face,  as it would mine.  If you are anyone else that would like to have the opportunity to meet a nice person like myself,  I would like to hear from you and I don't look for "beauty" on the outside.  It's on the "inside" where I feel the beauty counts.  I just was wondering if I could have the chance to meet a very "special person as you,"  and who knows there might be that special person out there who would like meet a new friend through a letter.  I hope you feel the way I feel.  I appreciate you reading this.  I'm just wanting to share a few "laughs and words" with someone I've never met before.  If you feel we could share a few laughs together here's my address.  I would like to thank you for taking time and patience to read this letter.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  Signed "a friend in search of a friend."
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