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Birth Date3/8/77
AddressASPC Lewis - Rast
P O Box 3600
Buckeye, AZ 85326
CommentsBirth place Winslow, AZ, grew up in Mesa, AZ. Am 5' 10" tall, 185-190 lbs. Brown eyes, black hair. Caring and helpful in any way I can. Doing 4 years, under 2 yrs left. Altho this unit does not allow us to have our photos taken, we are allowed to receive them, so don't hesitate to semd me photos.

Before my incarceration, I was working for a road construction company. I am now doing time for 2nd degree burglary for which I am doing 4 yrs. I will do 85% of my sentence, I have @ 20 months to my release. Funny story actually about this crime. If you are interested you can write and I can share it with you. Feel free to ask questions you have. With my release I would like to try to get my job back. I am looking into graphic design. I would like to see what that is all about. Maybe some tattoing, I would like to do something like that. Education would like to pursue something to further my education too. Mainly do what is required of me to finsih parole successfully and move on with my life and keep in mind of what I have learned from my mistakes, and not repeat them. I am a single Native American, I don't have kids yet but eventually would like around 6-7 when the time comes. Love kids, they are very special and cool to see the funny stuff they do.
InterestsI like to read books that are down to earth, based on true events, non-fiction, classics, mystery, suspense. I particularly liked a took I recently read called "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"- very good book. I do also like a variety of magazines - National Geographic, Fitness Magazines, Southwest Art, Smithsonian, People, Time, Vibe, Educational materials aas well. Just a variety of different ones. Music I would have to say all types - I love music, don't do any dancing, but am willing to learn or try at least. Blues/rick, reggae, R&B, I can go on and on, I like all types of music.

My hobbies include drawing, working out, writing letters, spending time with family and younger relatives, driving; like meeting new people. Will share more at opportunity of writing someone. I like to put my headphones on and just take off on a piece of paper or make cards, greeting cards. I also do portrait drawings. I am unable to place some on this page, maybe soon in the near future. I do send them to pen pals. I like exercising, handball, running, riding horses, driving, traveling, and shooting pool.
Release Date12/8/06

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