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Birth Date
AddressASPC Douglas - Gila 24-66
P O Box 5003
Douglas, AZ 85608
CommentsI am from Chinle, in northeastern AZ. I'm 5' 7", 168 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, am 40 years old. I would like to correspond with any female interested. It gets boring here, so far from home. Hopefully you have the same interests or maybe close to it. Otherwise, tell me what your interests are, maybe I am interested. Cuz I'm an outgoing guy, interested in a lot of things. I would be grateful just to hear from someone, esp females.
InterestsI am interested in corresponding with a couple of female correspondence, or jsut one! Preferably younger than me, but anyone is welcome. [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be 18 years of age or older.] Interests are running, watching rodeos, going to races and competing in 5K footraces; also especially like watching bullriding. I attended a couple PBR events in Phoenix and it was a lot of fun and enjoyable. Exciting! I like listening to all kinds of music. I've worked in the Phoenix area off and on. I do carpentry so I help build custom homes in Phoenix for awhile.
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