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NumberE 62557
Birth Date04/12/71
AddressCSP-SAC A-5-211 (AD-SEG)
P O Box 29
Represa, CA 95671
Nation/TribeApache/Irish/Puerto Rican "Choose Indian Ways"
CommentsI'm very absultion towards the Native ilfe. I love to do bead work, dance, and sing. I have a lot of reliance towards Indian people; all nations. I like to be treated like a Native because my heart is Indian. I need love, understanding, guidance, honesty, accepting me as a person, not a bad person.
InterestsMy inteerest in life, being part of someone's life, to learn more about the Indian ways, and to be part of the Indian community; continue to learn beading, crafts; dreamcatchers, etc. My other interests are dancing, singing Native songs, sweating with my Indian brothers; artwork of course, tribal art; reading honest native history and certainly from my incarcerated Indian elders here; continue to learn spelling, reading, etc.
Release Date

Anthony Juan Jacobs Sr drawing

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