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There are inmates who, while not being Native American in heritage, are in their hearts.  They are adopted and taught by other Native inmates and/or Elders. When these inmates are referred to us, as highly as Trint was, we include them on this site. Welcome Trint.
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Birth Date12/7/75
AddressU S P Beaumont
P O Box 26030
Beaumont, TX 77720
Commentslot of people are not aware of how the Celtic tribes or clans as we call them, were the same as Natives until the Christians came along and killed all who would not follow them, so eventually our culture kind of faded.
InterestsMy main interests are reading and writing.  I like writing short stories and poems and I'll read almost anything.  When I was in the world I really loved flowers.  One of my main things now is learning all I can about my culture and ancestry.
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