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Birth Date
AddressRoute 3 Box 22-100 (B-4)
Newton, TX 75966
CommentsHi,  my name is David Hurley.  I am seeking a pen pal or a special friend to correspond with.  I am 43 years old,  5'  7"  height,  194 lbs.  I am in very good physical condition and in good health.  I have long hair to my waist and a fair complexion.

I am Native American,  born and raised with Native traditional values,  moral,  and culture.  My spiritual background is Christian and Navajo tradition.

I am very creative and close to nature.  I am an inmate here at Newton,  Texas prison.  I was transferred from Arizona State Prison.  I am serving 16 years sentenced and have 5 years left to serve out.

Now I'm working 5 days a week,  attend classes,  talk circle,  making the most of every good opportunity to benefit myself.  I always keep myself strong and stay patient of everything.
InterestsI enjoy drawing and painting southwest art.  I'm also a musician.  I enjoy singing Native traditional songs.  I like all sort of music in different occasions.
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