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Donnie Hughes photo
Birth Date
Address1604 South First St
Diebold, TX 75941
CommentsI am  (31)  years old and was raised in Texas.  My native blood is Choctaw.  I walk the path out in the free world as well as in here.  I have been incarcerated for (11) years now.  In those years I have pushed my educational level to an Associates in Business.  I have all I have acquired through the Great Spirit.  I live in Arlington, Texas,  and grew up in north eastern and central Texas. 

I studied Tae Kwon Do and before my incarceration reached black belt status.  I taught self defense, mostly to women who were victims of sexual abuse. I am blonde haired,  blue eyed,  and an avid weight lifter.  I am approximately 220 lbs. Upon release I intend to try to obtain a grant from the government to start a half way house in central Texas for natives only  ...  I also intend to become a Volunteer in the Texas Department of Corrections for the Native American population.
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