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Birth Date10/29/72
AddressASPC Winslow Kaibab 2-C-268
2100 South Highway 87
Winslow, AZ 86047
Nation/TribeTohono O'Odham Nation
CommentsI'm a 32 year old (05) man looking for a woman who's interested in writing a good solid native brother. I cannot comment on myself cause I'm bias and might make myself out to be a supreme person but I will tell you I'm 5' 7": tall, 215 lbs, muscular build, with long hair. I'm not picky about looks of a person. I usually try to see them for who they are not for what they look like..
InterestsMy interests are many such as going out to events (sporting) and concerts. I liked to travel the state alot and visit new places and see new sites. I also liked going to the movies as well as renting videos and staying home to watch them. But since my incarceration, my interests have changed with the surroundings. Now I like to read different topics of books, draw, and work out during yard and while locked down. I also play a lot of cards and chess. I know it doesn't sound like a lot to do but it passes the time.
Release Date02/2011

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