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NumberEK 6394
Birth Date3/14/73
AddressAlbion State Prison
Unit A Side A Cell 36
10745 Route 18
Albion, PA 16475-0002
Nation/TribeSix Nations Upper Mohawk
CommentsI'm a ;member of the longhouse on my reservation and played semi pro football for 2 years. I have no kids. I'm from a big family of 13 brothers and sisters. Most of my family still live on the reservation. I'm looking for someone to share my thoughts with through our letters. When I'm released from prison I want to go to college and become a youth counselor so I may help the youth to understand that education is the path to a healthy life. I've learned to read and write music and play the guitar while in prison. I love country music, but like to play all kinds of music. I also sing too. I just stsarted water color painting. At first it as tough but now my art work is ready for the world to see. I paint Native American art work only. I'm from Canada and it's hard for my family to keep in touch with me being I'm so far away from home. My next goal while in prison is to write about Native Americans being an Indian behind bars. So if anyone who would like to be a pen pal with me to share their thoughts and mine too, please feel free to write.
InterestsI play the guitar and sing country music. I paint Native American art with water color. I lift a lot of weights and want to write a book about being an Indian behind bars.
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