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Birth Date
AddressOklahoma State Penitentiary
P O Box 97 Unit D-1-19
McAlester, OK 74502-0097
CommentsI'm not full blooded Indian, I'm half white, however have roll number in Cherokee Nation, as does my father, sister, grandfather, and great grandparents. I'm really lonely, all of my family have passed and I'm without the support and stability of family or friends. I'm 39 years old (2005), been locked up for 24 years. I was out for (5) months in 1999 and received over 100 years. I suggest you look me up on the OK DOC website. I have not received mail in 4 1/2 years, this place is very lonely.
InterestsI like writing poems, reading, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, spending time with a friend/partner, cooking. Love nature, animals, and kids.
Release Date

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