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Ruben Hernandez photo
Birth Date10/31/76
AddressF C I Petersburg
River Road P O Box 1000
Petersburg, VA 23804-1000
CommentsI am 25 years old,  180 lbs,  5'  7"  height.  I am Mexican and have just been on the Native American living for a year - just recently am investigating my tribe so far I have found I am Mayan,  Aztlan but still searching.  I would like to have pen pals to write. I am short (a year) and would like to keep my mind busy. Would like to find out if there is somebody out there close to my home of Laredo,  Texas to keep on with my Native American practices and way of life when I get out.
InterestsI do artwork,  just started doing this on paper.  I had started doing art on skin when I was 11 yrs.  I love roosters and horses; knowledge,  self help,  wisdom and native american books.  I like conjunto music best but am flexible with any kind of music.  I love hunting and fishing and anything to do with the wilderness,  like camping.
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