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Ray Allen Hernandez photo
Birth Date4/15/76
AddressASPC Central Unit
P O Box 8200
Florence, AZ 85232
Nation/TribeHopi/Maya (mom's side) / Yoeme=Pasqua Yaqui (dad's side)
CommentsI'm 5' 5", 140 lbs. Long dark hair,hazel eyes, lighter shade of red but all red. Born Tucson, AZ. Speak up to 4 1/2 languages. Draw, write poems and songs, study languages. Sign language is the favorite of my languages I know. Would like to befriend someone who is fluent in sign language so I can learn more of this language. Any languages but especially sign language. Even if you're deaf or not deaf ... Just the language is that imortant I wish to learn it more.
InterestsI'm an avid photo collector. I've been incarcerated since I was 15 1/2 eyars old. Photos of people and everything from the sky to the ground, insects, animals, candy - anything is a big interest of mine. I like Spider Man since I was 2 years old. No polaroids - unauthorized. Id on't know much of the outside world so just to see photos of people and everything is important to me. I would like to see more of it - the outside - it is all I have until my time of release. I would like to learn things that would possibly help me in my future. Anyone over 18 is welcome to contact me ... if you like to write. Anyone who likes giving attention as well as receiving it. Hope to hear from you soon ... Peace. I just like photos, not asking for anything else.

Oh, music: rock n roll. Cookie monster music. Books: whatever - just as long as it's educational. Magazines: ones with pictures -- spider-man comics - all DC and Marvel comics. Comics - love animation.
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