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NumberJ 99681
Birth Date2/7/69
AddressCalifornia State Prison - Solano
P O Box 4000
Vacaville, CA 95696-4000
Nation/TribeCherokee Nation
CommentsI am a 36 year old Native American of the Cherokee Nation. I am 5' 7", medium build, with brown hair and brown eyes. I have served nearly (10) years on a 25 to life sentence for a crime I did not commit.

I write poetry and have plans to write (3) books. I enjoy reading and read almost anything. I do not, however, read or study history due to the dishonest portrayal of our peoples. There are few subjects I do not find interesting, but among these few are cars, sports, and most politics.

I do not use drugs of any kind (either legal or illegal) nor do I use alcohol. I prefer the natural healing remedies taht come from our mother earth.

I accept others for who they are and understand that each of us are exactly where we need to be for our own spiritual growth and as such I do not judge others.

Before being sent to prison, I built computers and earned an AA in Computer Sciences. I hope to one day earn my BA in this same field. However, I enjoy learning new things and welcome the opportunity to meet new people. I enjoy almost all music except opera, acid rock, and most rap. My favorite music is instrumental flute (traditional) and instrumental jazz.

Upon release from prison, I plan to build a home for troubled and homeless teens to help them find a new direction for their lives and futures should they wish to. I also plan to rebuild my computer store and help in the community as I did before my incarceration. I also plan to help other prisoners, as well as bring attention to the plight of innocent peole who are incarcerated wrongly.
InterestsAll things spiritual; anything related to computers; learning new things; meeting new people, and being the best person I can be.
Release DateEarliest possible parole date is Aug 2012

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