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Jerry Havatone photo
Birth Date
AddressUSP Florence
P O Box 7000
Florence, CO 81226
CommentsI am a 32 year old Hualapi,  Hopi,  and Tewa Indian from a small res in northwestern Arizona, along the southwest rim of the Grand Canyon (Hualapai Nation).  I am 5'  8" tall,  physically fit, 18" arms,  56" chest,  34" waist,  34" port,  brown eyes,  and black hair (growing longer every month).

I was born in Parker,  Arizona and lived in Kingman,  Arizona most of my life.  Kingman is 98 miles north of Parker.  The town on my res is named Peach Springs,  Arizona.  It would take you about 3 minutes to drive through it.  The splendor of my res is the access to the Grand Canyon's Colorado River,  the tall Ponderosa pines,  and the beautiful west end of the Grand Canyon.

All that wonderful natural suits me perfectly as I love nature.  My trade here has been a foresty tech GS-5 for the past 8.5 years.  I fight forest fires.  I have been at that most of my life,  with the exception of the time I was in the United States Navy.

When I get out of prison (sometime the first half of 2004),  I am going to help the youth of my res.  I am going to walk a new road in life and give back to the earth and all people.  I am going to make my children proud to say that's my dad.  I am going to lead my life with such positive energy that the people that I know and see my new way of life will desire to travel the same road I am on.

I am going to become a paramedic so I can help people that are in pain or are victims of some kind.

I am a proud Indian man.  I cannot change the past,  but I can dream anew.
InterestsI like to hike,  camp,  swim,  mountain bike,  ride horses,  and explore different areas.  My hobbies in here are playing the guitar (still learning),  writing long lonely letters home,  and reading.  On the out's I enjoy restoring my '53 chevy pick-up,  playing golf,  cooking,  exercising with weights,  collecting watches ($),  traveling to different res's,  checking out old ruins,  and different observances.  I like taking pictures and fishing in Utah and Alaska.

I enjoy listening to classical music,  country,  old rock,  and some R & B.  I like to read Native American history,  Native spiriutal guide books;  Tom Clancy and John Grisham.  Non-fiction is my preference.  I like playing "play-station games."  The mags I like are Stuff,  Southwestern Art,  Low-Rider Art,  Flex,  and Classic Truck magazines.

I enjoy peace and quiet,  slow relaxing days,  staying home and watching movies all day being lazy sometimes.  The country is right out my front and back doors,  therefore I can just go outside tooling around at anytime.
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