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Birth Date11/16/72
AddressEastham Unit
P O Box 16
Lovelady, Texas  75851
CommentsI am 6' tall, have light blue eyes and weigh 195 lbs.  I am 1/4 Cherokee and the rest Irish. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but raised in San Antonio, Texas.  I have several hobbies, into physical training, read books on history and whatever other books I can get my hands on.

I am interested in writing my own book, really haven't decided where to start, but it will come together soon, I hope.  I see parole in 2003.  If by chance I'm released I have plans of getting my own business.   I already have the outside help!  If I don't make parole, the State of Texas has to rlease me in 2006! I was sentenced to 10 years for "so called" aggravated robbery.  I've been in prison a little over 5 years, and if the good spirits are willing, I won't be here until 2006!

I enjoy certain types of music, rock-n-roll and country are my two favorites.  When I was 16, I played for a punk-rock band, was singer needless to say.  The dedication wasn't there so it didn't last long!  I have so much that I want to do upon release, I wanna travel, see different sights. I've missed out on so much. I have a lot of making up to do!
InterestsI am looking for preferably a female in her mid 20 and late 50's but all missives are welcomed.  I'd like to correspond with someone who is honest and full of humor at the same time! I enjoy people who think nature is beautiful, and am really looking for someone to share our thoughts with.

I can assure whoever writes won't regret their decision.  If you love to laugh and enjoy serious conversations and anything else that will interest us, well, I certainly believe I'm the person to correspond with!  If you enjoy artwork, please let me know when you write, and what types of artwork you enjoy!
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