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Birth Date09/07/80
AddressClallam Bay Correctional Center
1830 Eagle Crest Way
Clallam Bay, WA 98326
Nation/TribeOglala Lakota/Sioux Oyate & 1/2 Wisapa (Enrolled)
CommentsI am in search of companionship with a single Native American Indian woman who walks the Red Road and actively attends ceremonies and pow wows. I am a Lakota man who strives to live and walk in a traditional manner, yet I am an Eagle with a broken wing in search of a single Native American woman to help my wings heal with the warmth, love, comfort, understanding and nurturing healing powers and abilities that come from a Native woman.

I plan on being released to Pine Ridge res, South Dakota. My incarceration stems from 1st degree assault and I am ready to experience freedom after 10 years in prison. I am a traditional dancer who is eager to travel the pow wow trail and enjoy all that Indian Country has to offer.
InterestsAmerican Indian activism, cooking, beading, traveling, and preserving all that our people consider sacred, yet I hope to find a Native American woman willing to share my interests as well as hers in this gift called life given bo us by the Creator. Aho. MItakuye Oyasin.
Release Date10/03/06

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