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Kirby Harragarra photo
Number82234 - 553
Birth Date4/23/51
AddressJim E. Hamilton Correctional Center     MUST INCLUDED BOX # 553
53468 Mineral Springs Road
Hodgen, OK 74939-3064
CommentsI am seeking a woman pen pal (native or caucasian),  for the fact that women know about things I am interested in such as hand trembling or hand palm reading.  Some of my old folks knew how to do this and even I used this in different occasions. This is one of "Gods" gifts that we used in healing,  among herbs also used for medicine.  I travel a lot,  meet people from different tribes,  and have found women to be the most powerful,  strong in their beliefs,  open minded,  with a good sense of humor,  and to have a good balance on religion.  I request a photo or two for as I said I do artwork,  portraits being one,  and I would like to know who I am writing to.  I have only one photo of myself,  in regalia.  If you would like it,  I would have to send it to you to have a copy made.

Now a little about me.  I have no violent crime in my past,  I'm in on a non violent offense,  similiar to DUI.  I'm through with drinking,  I don't need it,  and have never done drugs,  know nothing about them.
InterestsRiding bikes,  going to the park,  traveling,  camping,  listening to music,  love going to church,  trying to balance white christianity with Native Americans,  traditional culture to help people understand both sides so we can live in harmony together in our last days on earth.

Hobbies include painting (artwork),  sculpturing,  bead work,  wood work (carving),  singing and dancing at pow wows,  and any/all traditional ceremonies.
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Kirby Harragarra drawingKirby Harragarra Drawing02

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