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Robert Grant Jr. photo
Birth Date4/6/76
AddressNorth Central Correction Facility
313 Lane Dale
Rockwell City, IA 50579
Nation/TribeOmaha/Sisseton Wapton Sioux
CommentsI'm 27 years old and single and looking for someone to correspond with who's understanding and friendly and good hearted.  I'm a good person to talk to and to get to know.  I'm really into my culture and beliefs of my people and I'm looking for anew life and someone special.
InterestsLifting weights and working out to look good and feel good about myself;  going to sweats and praying and learning about my culture and self and changing my life,  and I plan on going to sundance soon.  I like long walks and talks,  and I love to work and have nice things,  and help my family out if I can.  And I like to meet new people and I'm hoping to meet someone who can be my friend or maybe more if it's there.  By By
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