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Birth Date2/14/80
AddressCorrection Corporation of American / Crossroads Correctional Center
P O Box 916
Shelby, MT 59474
Nation/TribeMandan, Hidatsa & Arikara Nation - 3 Affiliated Tribes
CommentsI would like to meet people that have a lot of positive ideas.
InterestsI enjoy music, art, speaking my mind, learning about others' religious beliefs. I love music, mostly Bob Marley, alot of rap, but every kind of music is kool. I enjoy working out, talking to ladies. I lived all over the U.S., mostly Billings, MT, Tenn. I like lady that are all ages but not too old [NOTE NAPN requires site visitors to be 18 years of age or older.] Any photos owuld be a plus. I love art. I'm just learning to make my living in here with art. I am learning how to bead and aint. I like reading the stories of natives. I might go to school for liberal arts. l Any and all responses are welcome.
Release Dateparole sometime 2008

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