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Birth Date5/21/70
AddressErnest C. Brooks Correctional Facility
2500 So. Sheridan Drive
Muskegon Heights, MI 49444
CommentsI have no expectations,  other than honesty and respect,  things that I will extend in return.  I seek nothing more than the company of good hearted people,  willing to share their time and experience with me.  Friends,  family,  teachers,  lovers,  whatever the case may be,  all are welcome.

It is not my place to decide what I am in need of,  for what that is Kitchie Manitou's decision.  I may "want" all of those people listed,  but The Great Mystery will assure that I am provided with what/who I need.

The cause of my incarceration was not the smartest decision of my life,  but one that I have learned many valuable lessons from.  Unfortunately it also means that I have several more years before my first release (2017).  But I also know that if I am meant to get out of here before that,  then Kitchie Manitou will make sure that it happens.

But I am not my past and have learned much from it.  It has taught me that I do have much to offer the world,  if I am willing and open to the messages that The Great Mystery puts before me.  And much of what I will have to offer has to do with my "checkered past",  and it is to be used to help others,  not only myself.

But in closing I would like to say that all journeys start with the first step.  This is my first step and I hope that you are brave enough to take the first step towards me!
InterestsMy interests are varied.  I enjoy physical,  as well as spiritual pursuits,  whether it be activities,  discussions,  or even reading material.  I would have to say that my biggest "interest" would have to be people.  I am a very active participant in many organizations and charities.  I feel that I have taken enough in my lifetime and enjoy giving back now.
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