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Hugo Gonzales photo
NumberE 10948
Birth Date
AddressSAC IV/A-1-105
P O Box 290066
Represa, CA 95671
CommentsSeeking great friends, and if it's meant, a love companion. I'm at the moment incarcerated on a violation of parole sentence here in Sacramento, CA and will be out May 2006 again. I am young at heart, enjoy humor, and fun things to do. Especially outdoors. Very active in sports and lift weights. My number one priority when I get out is to move out of California. Somehow, someday! I would love to correspond and develope friendships out of California. So when I get out and leave, I'll know someone and I can possibly find work easier. I have great work ethics and willing to do anything to start. Am tired of being in jail and just yearn for a new life, free. I don't drink or do drugs. All are welcome to write. Until then, take care.
Release Date5/06

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