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Merle Gardipee photo
Birth Date
AddressP O Box 916
Shelby, MT 59414
CommentsI am an enrolled member of the Cree tribe,  born and raised in Great Falls,  MT.  I am 6'  2"  tall and weigh 215 lbs.  I'm a boxing trainer,  in an all Indian band,  play blues,  rock,  country,  a little jazz,  and have been playing drums off and on for (6) yars.  I play ball,  run,  draw,  and write various forms of poetry,  and I like to study philosophy.  I am a recovering addict-alcoholic.

I am currently trying to start and co-facilitate a group for natives that are going to be getting out soon.  An opportunity to learn how to function out in the real world,  how to write resumes,  look for jobs,  and be confident in themselves.  I would like people in Indian Country and around the world to know that I'm not perfect.  I'm not somebody who has had a "peachy" life but I'm working hard learning and letting go of the past through spiritual pride,  hard work,  honesty,  committment,  and forgiveness.  I hope to let people know that we're trying to correct our wrongs on our own,  without administrative coersion,  and it's going pretty well.

I'm divorced and have (2) daughters,  ages 3 and 2.  I want to go to school to be a chemical dependency or support counselor.  My main goals are to get my youngest daughter and be a father,  write to all the people I affected with my behaviors,  right my wrongs,  forgive.  And I see how far my intuitiveness can take me.  I'm not done yet - I still have some good in me.  Maybe someone out there will see my heart as genuine and see that I can do good things.
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