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NumberR 01714
Birth Date7/28/76
AddressMenard Correctional Center
711 Kaskaskia Street
Menard, IL 62259
CommentsI believe that even though all American Natives of any part of North, Central, and South America are divided in different tribes, reservations, or places, we are one people, the same people that once were all over this lands - carring the blood, Spirit, and proud of our ancestors within us.

I was born in Celaya Gto, Mexico. My mother's family Apache, my father's family Azteca. My mother is 64 years old, my father 102 years old. They're living togetther and in good health yet. I have 6 sisters and I'm the only male. I also have half brother and sisters by my father. I attended school all of the way up til high school. I also have a technical degree in welding-building. I left my city and family when I was 19 years old, decided to come to North America seeking for a better opportunity and see some of American Native places that my mother told me about. I started working as a cook at different restaurants and helping my parents economically. Unfortunately my destiny was different. I was framed and ended up in this place. I am looking forward a new trail. I have different appeals pending in court and hopefully be free again soon. My frist language is Spanish, second English. I also speak some Nahuatl.
InterestsTo display my Native American artwork and pen pal (Native American) encourage. During free times I love to draw, paint, write, read, listen to music, write some poetry, and exercise. I liek to learn about all Native tribes and customs. My plans upon release, first I would go back to see my parents, then I would get a job as a welder, keep doing my own paintings, and do more tracing about my mother's heritage. Also if I'd have the opportunity to take some graphic design classes I would. I'm a very persistent person, always like to make progress, and never give up. I like to listen to people and learn from others. I'm coming from a very humble family, they love me and so I do.
Release Date6/3/35

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