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Nicholas Fuentes photo
Birth Date7/8/75
AddressAirway Heights Correction Center (MSU)    C-5 / B - 12 - 4
P O Box 1809
Airway Heights, WA 99001-1809
CommentsI am 5'  6",  165 lbs,  long black hair,  into physical fitness.  I love long hair,  enjoy all music,  cook,  enjoy romantic behavior.  Practice Native sacred beliefs.  Am a kid at heart, sometimes need a friend!

Hello, could you find the time to send a letter. Well if you do I will be sure to write right back and give a little more information. We could become good friends and you would help me feel better about the world today. I would also like to hear about different foods, cultures, and ideas. Let's write each other and have a laugh during a time of changes. I hope you decide to write because I am so bored if you can't already tell. Well I am and in here a letter changes your whole outlook on things in here.

Life is too short to make someody's day. Don't worry, I am not an axe murderer or violator of women and children. I am a Native who made a choice that turn out "in the wrong place at the wrong time." So come on pick up a pen and make my day. I hope you enjoyed reading this and it has inspired you to meet a Native brother. Thank you for your time, it has been so nice of you to stop and read and look at this site. Pleasant journey's Sisters. Your Friend, Nick.
InterestsArt,  cars,  guitars,  vampire books,  history of all native tribes;  traveling,  pow wows,  beading,  cooking for family or a good friend;  dancing to a good hip-hop beat.  I write poetry and lyrics for music.  Believe in individuality and letting a person grow.
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