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Charles Frank photo
Birth Date
P O Box 5000
Sheridan, OR 97378
Nation/TribeWarm Springs
CommentsMy sentence was handed down to me last year. I am serving 81 months which is 6 years. My release date is May 5, 09. My charge was ddrugs and ex-con in possession of a hunting rifle. So bad ahh. Not me though. Just kicked back Native brother doing my time. I like laugh around joke around play some ball, work out to keep fit and hold my own.
InterestsMy interests are rodeos, pow wow, drumming, concerts such as old rock from the 70's-80's-90's; travel to many concerts, into some reggae music and reggae festival, hemp festival, and the Big Country "Oregon" fair where over 17,000 reggae and hippy gather for a festival for a week. I also like to camp, fish, hunt, bike ride, hike or just walk. I love to ride horses and run them. I live in deep Native country and like to four wheel, sweathouse, sundance. I like to hear all kind old stories and legends. I live right in Bigfoot country on the Cascade Mountains where my reservation is. We have many old and new sightings each year and many other legends. I also like to kick back at our tribal vacation resort, to swim and gamble at our casino, which is nice when you win. I do leather and art work sometime soon when I get art supply and leatherwork supply.
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