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Denny Francis photo
Birth Date4/12/71
AddressJim E. Hamilton Correctional Center
53468 Mineral Springs Road
Hodgen, Oklahoma  74939-3664
Nation/TribeCherokee/Creek (Quassarte)
CommentsI'm 5'9",  165 lbs,  black hair and brown eyes.  I have a few tattoos,  a few on my legs and arms.  I do some beadwork.  I plan to go back to either Eufaula or Stilwell,  OK when I get out.  I also plan go work with a construction company or start one up.  Mainly to start my life over.  I currently tend the fire at the sweatlodge here.

I am looking for a person who isn't,  and won't be,  judgemental,  with a forgiving heart,  someone who will be a friend,  not just a pen pal.
InterestsI like to do calligraphy,  sketch,  and beadwork,  and raise game fowl.  I like to go fishing and hunting.  I also like to do errands for my grandmother.  I mainly like the outdoors.  I like to take long walks out in the country,  listen to stamp dance songs on tape and at the ceremonial grounds.  I like to go to pow wows,  go to clubs,  shoot a little pool,  to have lots of fun.  

I like to read novels (fiction mostly),  write some poems,  and hobby craft,  like beadwork,  sketch and a little bit with craft sticks.  I like country music,  some pop rock,  and little heavy metal,  as well as Stompdance and pow wow songs,  and all Native American spiritual, celebration, and healing songs.  Additionally,   I like to go to rodeos,  and I ride bulls in some 100 bull buckouts in Stilwell.  I'm an occasional bullrider,  even though I'm not that good at it.  (The longest I've stayed on a bull is 3 seconds.)  I also like to play softball.

I like to read long letters,  as well as write them (although my first letter may be relatively short).

Update:   Denny is now a part of the Genesis One program,  which is like an integration program.  Genesis One is a Christian faith based program which helps people of many faiths.   He is one of the Committee Coordinators of his local chapter.   For further information on Genesis One,  please write Denny.
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