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Birth Date
AddressASPC Lewis - Buckley Unit 2A1
P O Box 3400
Buckey, AZ 85326
CommentsI am 25 years old,  height  5'  10",  weight 190 lbs,  with brown eyes,  complexion,  and short, dark brown hair. Handsome. Was born in Tucson, AZ.

My ambitions are to get my degree in Business Administration and open a paint/auto repair shop,  and to live a successful, happy life.

Turn ons include loyalty,  pretty smile,  healthy legs,  humor,  and a beautiful soul.

Turn offs include bad manner,  body odor,  not sports minded,  and laziness.

I could never be unfaithful,  uncaring,  or unconcerned about my woman's needs for affection. Also selfish,  I could never live without sports,  friendship,  true love,  God,  prayer,  outdoor activities,  good cooking,  hugs and juicy kisses.

As you may have determined from the ad,  I am presently confined.  However,  I will be exonerated in the near future.  Please don't judge me until I am allowed to represent myself fully and once you are able to view me for the individual I am,  then your judgement of me will not be the same.

Write soon and send photo.  Race and age not important. [NOTE: NAPN requires site visitors to be age 18 or older.]  Feel free to ask me anything!  Blessings and prayers to you.  Aho.

Love your friend,  Kiko
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